How to schedule a home inspection appointment -

The scheduling process is fairly simple and we recommend that you just pick-up the telephone and call us, 651-653-7111. We'll talk you through the process.
We'll need to know a little information:
We'll need to know a little information about the house to be inspected: Scheduling:
If you have a purchase agreement that contains a home inspection contingency, be sure to schedule the inspection before the expiration date. If at all possible, choose a time when you can join the inspector onsite for an hour or so. Past clients frequently tell us that this one on one time with the inspector is the most valuable part of the inspection process.

We recognize that family members, parents and children want to be part of the inspection process, which is fine, but we encourage you to minimize distractions so you are able to focus on the inspection process.

The inspection fee is dependent on the size, age and location of the home and will be established at the time of scheduling. Checks are accepted at the time of the inspection.
At the time of the inspection, you will be asked to sign a Home Inspection Agreement.