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Consulting Services

From time to time, the knowledge of an experienced contruction consultant is necessary to evaluate the existence of or cause of certain construction defects. These defects may range from minor grading deficiencies at the perimeter of a house to major water intrusion causing toxic mold infestation.

We have worked with many homeowners, building contractors, insurance companies and attorneys to provide valuable input, which often leads to satisfactory resolution.

We frequently receive calls from clients who simply want more information to better understand the nature of a perceived defect. Once the defect is understood, the client can determine the next course of action. Our role can be one of many, advisor, expert witness, mediator, arbitrator.
WET BASEMENTS - Homeowners are often frustrated by wet basements because, the cause and repair are frequently misunderstood. Wet basements can also cause mold and mildew problems. If you walk into a basement and smell a damp musty odor, you have a wet basement. If you have or suspect a wet or damp basement, we highly recommend that you consider hiring an independent consultant to assist you. We will be able to determine the cause of the wet basement and recommend repairs in easy to understand plain language. We frequently recommend repairs that are much less costly than the highly polished sales campaign of many wet basement contractors.

If you have just experienced a sudden wet basement event and your carpet or other contents are wet, you should act fast to accelerate the drying process. Mold can begin to grow in as little as 24 hours. Open windows, use a wet-vac and remove as much water as possible. Move contents and carpet outside to a clean dry area with good airflow. Install fans and borrow or purchase additional fans if necessary. Act fast, time is of the essence. Call us if you have any questions.

CONSTRUCTION DEFECTS - The vast array of potential problems with various construction defects makes discussion here very difficult without going into great detail. If you are experiencing problems call us to discuss your specific needs.

In addition to being an ASHI Certified Inspector, Fred is a former licensed MN Building Contractor. He is a recognized construction expert. Fred is also a mediator and arbitrator and works with homeowners, building contractors, insurance companies, Realtors, attorneys and municipal inspection departments.

If you are the owner of a home with a construction defect and you contemplate legal relief, you should be aware that Minnesota Statutes require you to provide written notice to the builder within a certain time period from the date the defect was first noticed. If proper notice is not provided, your claim may be rejected. Construction law is very complicated and we strongly suggest that you consult with an attorney specializing in construction law.

MOLD and MOISTURE - If you are experiencing problems with mold or moisture, you should act fast to reduce the spread of mold and moisture. Click here for mold and moisture information.

MEDIATION - If you have an issue related to construction, remodeling, home inspection or general real estate, and you are looking for a mediator with subject-matter expertise in these areas, Fred is available to assist and has a high satisfaction rate among former clients.

As a former building contractor, Fred has thorough knowledge of construction methods and workmanship. As an ASHI Certified Home Inspector, Fred is a recognized expert. In addition to buying and selling many homes, Fred is a former land developer and has appeared before numerous city councils and government agencies in the Twin Cities and Brainerd Lakes Area, he is also an affiliate member of the St. Paul Area Association of Realtors.

While maintaining a high degree of ethics, confidentiality and neutrality, Fred has an ability to consult with clients to help them understand both the strength and weakness of a case in a way that defines issues and eliminates obstacles.
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